Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Taste of cooking in copper pans

Foods taste much better when they are cooked in the copper pans. Copper cookware has an antibacterial effect too; germs and bacteria cannot survive on the copper surface. Usually copper pans are lining with a thin stainless steel to prevent copper reaction with acidic foods. The superior heat conductivity of copper guarantees to lock most water inside the food and as a result it causes a very delicious taste. Copper pans may be expensive, but it worths it and if they are cleaned properly they could last for a long time.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Something not to be proud of

Last week I attended a lecture on Japanese art in17th century, Edo period when children as young as 7 were working in the brothels. The speaker who was a Japanese woman with PhD was glorifying the period while showing the paintings of brothels at that time! Even several times while giggling! asking the audience "isn't it great?!" "isn't it wonderful?"! The audience who were mainly academics, students and art professionals were so unimpressed. At the end of lecture they did not wait for questions and answers and left the room in hurry. Just at that moment the speaker got it! and her facial expression was changed! The period that women and children working as the slaves was the norm and also the disease and misery were at the highest rate is definitely not something to be proud of.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Is Yoga a healthy practice?

Recent studies have found lots of problems with practicing yoga. According to the researchers, yoga is more a practice related to some south and East Asian beliefs rather than a healthy practice for body and mind. Doing yoga has caused many mild to severe injuries as reported by American Medical Association. Also it has been proved that doing yoga is ineffective or even harmful for mind and spirit performance. Jogging is the best exercise for body, mind and spirit. Those who are not able to run or jog, the best alternative is walking, the simple and effective exercise for everyone.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Do not do what you do not want to

I was watching an Italian movie; the main character who was an expreienced writer at the end of the film said: "I have learned from life not to do what I do not want to."