Saturday, 3 November 2018

Butterflies & Eucalyptus trees

For those of us who have had the luck to visit the places that monarch butterflies dancing around eucalyptus trees and have the blessing of enjoying the real beautiful things can understand what I am writing about. The experience is feeling heavenly, paradise on the earth.

There are lots of articles about why butterflies choosing eucalyptus trees; they mainly say that the reason is the shape of the leaves,etc...they forgot to mention the main reason that should be the smell: eucalyptus trees have heavenly smell; I wonder if any other odor can compete with that.

Watching beautiful butterflies and smelling eucalyptus is a unique experience and lasting one.

These beautiful creatures are extremely sensitive to the toxins in the environment and monarchs migrate up and down North America mainly to the eucalyptus grove.

Unfortunately pesticides and other toxins in the environment affecting the population of butterflies! That’s a pity and we all must feel responsible for protecting these beautiful creatures that have no harm and just positive impact on our life.

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