Sunday, 7 August 2016

Thank you for everything

Thank you for everything: being the main part of my life, leaving me beautiful memories to cherish, being so honest and kind, making my life meaningful and worthy to live, being so good, and .... Each day I understand a new aspect and meaning of what you used to say. Thank you for everything my dearest mother.

Culture cities

For those who love to visit museums and cultural centers, three cities in Northern America is a must to visit. In Chicago, Montreal and New York you can find lots of these galleries, museums and cultural centers. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts has a rare collection of Napoleon personal belongings, you can find beautiful collections in the Art Institute of Chicago, and Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has some breathtaking collections and finally there are lots of museums and galleries in the Fifth Avenue for the visitors to explore. The collections in Brooklyn Museum are amazing, both classic and modern. The current exhibition by Stephen Powers is really powerful.