Friday, 4 December 2009


Is there anyone who can resist a smile after
looking at the above picture?!
Smiling is contagious; when one person smiles,
it changes the moods of other people and makes
things happier. Studies have shown that smiling
releases endorphins which are natural pain killers.
But like all other things in life, a smile should be
natural. A forced smile is artificial and has no effect.
Natural smile comes from the heart and touches the
hearts of other people.


  1. Me encantooo, de echo ya existe la Risoterapía, La risa es la mejor medecina, no solo para la salud, si no tambien para el alma

  2. Indeed, smiling and also laughter are very good for our health.
    The smiling child in the picture is adorable.

  3. :)))))))))) releasing endorphines...
    have a nice weekend!

  4. Imposible no sonreir al ver la hermosa fotografía que pusiste.
    Tal como decís es necesario sonreir de verdad, sinceramente, la sonrisa forzada es contraproducente, se nota la falsedad y provoca una reacción negativa.
    Sonreír es salud, aunque parezca mentira, cuando se atiende un llamado telefónico y se lo hace con amabilidad y con una sonrisa, desde el otro lado de la línea se percibe el gesto.
    Sonriamos con el corazón.

  5. I can't resist a beautiful smile, and, as a child as the photo above, is simply irresistible!

    It's true that recent studies demonstrate that smile and mostly laugh, releases endorphins that are good for health.

    Of course, they must be true. Coming from a child, then that will be!

    Smiles and happy Christmas Nice,

  6. Sorrisos do coração tocam outros corações.
    Entendi mesmo arrastando no ingles.
    E bem.

  7. Sometimes you are looking for beauty and not when we are surrounded by it.

    Thanks for following my blog Greetings

  8. Nice posting. But in one point we don't come together: even an artifical smile has effects. Maybe not positive ones. But indeed the super models' view makes people buy. And the smiles in these vey special movies ... well ...

    Best wishes

  9. Smiles to you, my friend. Wonderful post. :)

  10. Nada más hermoso que una sonrisa, hasta el ser más repulsivo adquiere una cierta belleza...Nada más hermoso que la sonrisa de un niño, tanta inocencia y tanta ternura.
    Un beso para ti.