Tuesday, 11 May 2010


When Balzac was asked to define the art; he replied:
"Art is Nature concentrated". Rembrandt always emphasized
that we should choose only one master and that is Nature.
The closer we get to the Nature, the sharper our senses
will be. We should nurture our love for Nature. The purifying
intelligence and beauty of Nature helps us in our journey to
the perfection. Nature restores its voices in our thought and
in our soul. Modern life cannot be an excuse for the disconnection.
Even the presence of one flower in our room can reconnect us
to the Nature.


  1. Are we on our journey to perfection?
    Sometimes I feel like we are heading in the opposite ...

  2. There is nothing more beautiful the nature...

  3. Natureza, faz parte da alma é um componente principal* Gostei daqui, sigo

  4. Nature is critical to nurturing our soul.


  5. such a great reminder - especially pertinent when one lives in the city and nature seesm very removed at times. Thanks!


  6. Thank you for that. Its beautiful and I agree with it 100%. I live in the woods and I love just being in nature...

  7. Those who live in the jungle of concrete can better appreciate this truth. But words and good intentions are not enough when the environment is being destroyed by our greed. The entire orientation of society must change, our way of life must change before it is too late. Have a good day, Nice.