Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Honey bees and mobile phones

Honey is loved by everyone and it plays an important role in
different cultures. Unfortunately there has been significant
reduction in the number of honey makers: honey bees.
The campaigners have blamed agricultural pesticides,
climate change and genetically modified corps for the
disappearance of honey bees and the collapse of their
hives. Now scientists have found that the growing
use of mobile telephones is responsible for this;
the radiation from mobiles is interfering with the
bee's navigation senses. This is a catastrophe!
No one can deny the hazards of the radiation from
mobiles on human and the environment and
any responsible person should react and to avoid
the excessive use of mobile phones; at least one
can switch it off some time during the day and night.


  1. ımmm , I have a fobia against to this bees.

    I can not control myself when I see them :(

    but I will tunr my phone off to make a difference in the whole world , thank you sharing this information

  2. Tienes algo en mi blog para ti.
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  3. Perigos da vida moderna.
    Mais um.
    Um abraço

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  5. I didn't think about that. Until now. I live in a farm and all my life i see a lot of bees in the fields. But in the cities and around of them, that doesn't happen. I don't see bees in the gardens there. It's very sad but it is a fact.
    Your Blog is very intersting and it makes us think...
    Thanks for be a follower in my blog!

  6. beautiful photo;and nice blog; bravo