Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What is art?

There has been, and still is, lots of debates about the description of art and how it is received by the viewers. According to Tolstoy, art in our society has been so perverted that not only has bad art come to be considered good art, but also the perception of real art has been lost. If we look at some postmodernist art that are highly overvalued and has been used more for commercial purpose than connecting with the audience we can accept this theory. There has been written lots of books, articles, essays; there are lots of theories that students are obliged to read at the university and write sometimes meaningless essays in order to pass the course...sometimes one wonders how much time, energy, etc has been consumed to make these more complicated, where as the nature is art and no one can deny that all pieces of nature are the highest form of art; for example one single autumn leaf is a masterpiece and definitely it is the art that no classic, modern, postmodern,etc works can compete with.


  1. We can see Art all around us... loved reading this post... by the way... who said this quote,"Art is a lie"? I cannot for the life of me remember...

  2. Hi Tabouleh,

    I do not know who said that quote, but there are some philosophers who think this way.

    Best wishes