Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Running for health

I doubt any exercise can beat running in improving our health in both mind and body. Twenty minutes of running at least three times a week can make a huge difference in our well being. Twenty minutes of running is more effective than even six hours of walking. Running makes us feel much better and makes us sharper with better functioning of our brain. It is also very good for our skin, after several months of regular running, we will see the difference, it will make the skin glowing and radiant without using the artificial make up. Of course, it should be with healthy eating too, by avoiding the processed foods and just eating fresh and home made foods.


  1. Oh Boy... I eat healthy food and only put healthy snacks and lunches for the kids... but I was pondering running for the three months and have never gotten the courage to start... reading your blog means that it is a sign that I must start... it is not just good for my mind and body but also for my kids to see... my son, yesterday, told me that I do not exercise and that I must... how embarrassing is that? and he is 8. So thank you for the wake up call...

  2. Running is so good for you, that is for sure. But it's not for everyone. I love to walk at a good clip for one hour a day and really miss it when I don't. I know what you mean about feeling better after exercise....nothing better!