Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Those girls who ran

Last month, some criminals kidnapped about 280 girls in a high school in Nigeria. The approximate 330 girls were more or less in the same cruel situation; 280 were kidnapped and 50 escaped. Those girls chose to escape by running and running as fast as they could. Their right decision at the right time saved them. Humiliation paralyzes the mind and kills the self-esteem. In the societies that girls are not treated fairly and humiliated; they lack the determination to do the right thing in the extreme situations. One of the brave girls who escaped, in the latest interview boasted that she has six brothers and she can run faster than all of them; her admirable quality saved her from the criminals who kidnapped the poor girls as easy targets in the society that tolerates these acts.


  1. Muchas gracias por quedarte a mi lado.
    Estamos consternados por este secuestro, espero que sean liberadas.
    Un beso de ternura

  2. Thanks for acknowledging these brave girls.
    Self esteem can definitely save lives . . .