Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Foods made with taste

We can make a variety of delicious foods with fava beans. Fava beans can be used in the hummuses, soups, pizzas, stews and salads. There are so many recipes from different countries and they all have one thing in common: the tastefulness. Using fava beans with other ingredients such as beef or lamb, rice, dill, onion, garlic and pepper would make a delicious food. Try it, Bon Appetite!


  1. Here the fava ... at this time of year and in the coming months ... makes the delight of our tables!
    Mine still haven't grown enough but when you're on point ... I boil them and like them simple!
    I also do them steamed with chorizo and love to savor them in soup.

  2. I have fava beans in my cupboard but I haven't gotten around to cooking them yet. These pictures make me want to get creative.