Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Social media

Last year a speaker in a business event advised the audience that before dealing with any individual or company, first check their account on the social media: how many followers they have in Twitter, how many employees they have in the LinkedIn or how many friends in Facebook? He added if they don't have any account, don't approach them! The speaker didn't mention anything about the quality. If we think carefully we may reach the conclusion that what is important is quality not quantity. Does it really matter how many people are connected? Is the number so important? I have seen so many cases that during an event, people approach a complete stranger and ask to be friends on the Facebook or other social media and their aim is to increase the "number"! Unfortunately, lots of people think the same way the speaker did. Last month, by accident I visited the LinkedIn account of a person; he had more 500 connections and guess what? His job title was: "Highly Experienced Chocolate Consumer".

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