Monday, 25 January 2010

Children of Haiti

Last week I watched a programme about the adoption of
children in Haiti on TV. The faces of those adopted children
is still on my mind; their facial expressions were so strong that
is unforgettable. They all were in the shock, experiencing the
devastating earthquakes and surrounded by all new faces
and strangers...About 60,000 innocent children lost their lives
in the earthquake and according to the media, at least 15 children
disappeared from one hospital and now they are in the hands of
traffickers that is very very sad. Always there are some people
who exploit the situation and are in search of benefits at any cost.


  1. Há sempre emuitos vampiros à espera da desgraça
    Alguns de (neste caso muitos). vou passar Amiga
    um dividir o meu tempo entre a Irlanda e Portugal, estou agora na Irlanda.Mas é um líquido
    Universal.Penso sempre em todos os meus amigos
    Net, umas vezes com contacto uns, outras vezes com outros, por limitações de tempo,
    Mas estão todos no meu coração.

  2. A falta de escrúpulos surpreende sempre e choca aqueles de intenções puras. É a natureza humana... a triste realidade do nível de evolução ético/moral da nossa espécie.

  3. Dolor, eso es lo que produce esta situación que vive Haití, e indignación también, en especial la que genera el uso de los niños como trofeo.
    Como dice Silenciosamente Ouvindo, siempre hay buitres a la espera de la desgracia.

  4. Hello "Nice"

    How good is to find someone like you! His concern for children, with life and peace are truly relevant to help (planting a seed).

    I wish peace in your heart!

  5. Yes, Nice ~ I saw much in their faces as well ~ there is fright ~ but also a sort of 'too~early' wisdom in their young eyes ~ too early ~ MC ~