Saturday, 2 January 2010


A fresh and free mind and a happy contented spirit
keep the body fresh. All the beginnings, the beginning
of a year, month or even a day is an opportunity for
a fresh start.


  1. Fresh start to you as well! Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

    Best wishes

  2. Fresh start it is then!! Have a very happy 2010!Bjo

  3. Tentarei estar fresca e viçosa como as frutinhas.

  4. No se quien eres , y no entiendo el ingles. Pero te agradezco tu compañia.
    Espero que sepas algo de español.

    Abrazos desde Málaga.

  5. happy new year nice friend. :)

  6. When in highschool, at Anatolia College Thessaloniki, the president started his very first new year morning speech to us somehow like this: "I started writing a letter this morning in my office and, due to use,I placed on top of it the year which has passed. When re-reading the letter, I realized my mistake, erased the old year and wrote the correct one, the new year".
    Let's forget everything unpleasent happend to us in the old year by correcting our mistakes, so that everything runs better in the new year.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

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  8. Nice to meet you. :-) Thanks to the post, I feel refreshed.
    (I am sorry for deleting my former comment. I am not familiar with this site.)