Wednesday, 3 February 2010


There is no need to write anything about the above image;
the message is quite clear; but for avoiding any hypocrisy,
I have to write that I watch TV and currently my favourites
are: documentaries, nature and travel programmes, comedy,
news, dance, Judge Judy and a Turkish series called Asi.
The important thing is that it should be controlled and not
to exceed the maximum two hours per day!


  1. Quite right! Maximum 2 hours per day! As with the computer or blogging.... :))Right?

  2. Qué bueno el dibujo, absolutamente irónico.
    Confieso que a veces miro más de 2hs. de tv. y mi otro tiempo libre lo paso leyendo cosas por internet o algún libro y siempre escucho radio
    un cariño

  3. Can you stop at two hours? I can not do this!
    Sad! But this is real!