Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A sad end for the wild in the cage

One of the rarest creatures on the earth:
snow leopards that there are less than 1000
of them on the planet has attracted the attention of
the greedy hunters to trap and sell them for hundred
thousands dollars. In the Wakhan Mountains of
Afghanistan, several weeks ago, one of them was
trapped and put into the cage until to be sold.
But after three days in the cage, this rare and
wild animal who was used to free and wild life
in the mountains, could no longer tolerate the
captivity and died! The above picture was taken
one day before the death of the wild creature in
the cage. One can see the pain by looking
at the animal's eye in the above image; the
pain of a free and wild creature in the cage.


  1. Mankind ... never learn from their own mistakes!

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