Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Symphony No.5 (Beethoven)

The composition of the Fifth Symphony had occupied
Beethoven's mind for many years and it was finally
finished in 1808. This symphony is so profound, colourful
and enlightening that you cannot be the same person after
listening to it. Fifth Symphony is the most admired and
the most human symphony in its qualities; it pictures
the struggle of the individual with Fate, the alternations
of hope and despair and the final triumph. This symphony
has made my life more colourful.


  1. Cara Nice,
    adoro la musica classica e questa sinfonia è bellissima, potente e struggente al tempo stesso...mi ricorda un po' "Fantasia" il film della Disney.
    Un caro saluto da Milano

  2. Never listened the Fifth Symphony. But seems to be a perfect blend of colours and sounds ;)

  3. Beautiful colors... You have good musical taste !

  4. Very nice pictures you've choosed for your blog! I like the picture of the Mother entry.
    Thanks for your visit!

  5. Estando embarazada de mi hijo, la escuchaba una y otra vez, constantemente...hoy, 17 años después, es un orgullo contemplarlo como el hermoso y potente ser humano que es.
    Quién sabe si la Quinta no tuvo algo que ver, :)
    Un afectuoso saludo, y muchas gracias.

  6. Le soleil fait vraiment des merveilles au travers de ces viraux. Très beau jeu de couleurs.


  7. Beautiful. You really are a lover of good art.^^