Tuesday, 26 April 2011

wise enemy or stupid friend?

Which one is worse?
A wise enemy or a stupid friend?!
According to many proverbs and sayings from
different countries and cultures, a wise enemy
is better than a stupid friend. Also there is
another proverb: a stupid person is his or
her own greatest enemy; and how true is
this! No doubt, an honest, true and wise
friend is a blessing.


  1. I fully agree with you, if I had to choose the wise enemy would be my choice. As for the friends, finding an honest, true and wise one is so difficult we should keep them as precious treasures!

    regards from Spain

  2. Ha. I love this. Although wise enemy could be very dangerous ...but I stupid friend could put you in real danger...and so it goes I guess.

  3. Uma verdade sem duvida nenhuma.

    tenha uma boa semana.