Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mother, hope

Thank you very much my dearest mother for planting hope in my heart and my brain; despite encountering different types of unpleasant events, I am still full of hopes.
I have had a very bad experience in the place that I had recently visited and stayed for a period of time. How everything has changed from the bad to the worst possible!! Unbelievable in the name of religion, they justify lies, deceptions and all the dirty tricks...dead spirits, moving corpses...how politics can change people! I always dislike politics; because it has nothing to do with my honest world; there are lots of dirty complications in politics that I never understand.

Mother,my dearest mother, your beautiful smile, your love for all the innocent children, your admiration for the women with character and high self esteem, your respect for the genuine men with understanding, your strong belief in the principles, and your emphasis on the charming and happy life...all made me not to loose what you cherished the most: HOPE.

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  1. Hope is definitely a beautiful word... to give someone that gift of hope can change a life to the better... an ounce of it would change a person's attitude towards life... I too dislike politics and I find the game unrewarding and a downer... it messes with my head and the heads of millions out there and so i avoid it as much as I can...
    Lovely post and a good read!