Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Natural home

Few people are aware of all the chemicals that exist in our homes. There are harmful substances nearly everywhere, in the materials which are used to finish our floors (even natural stone and real woods floors), the paint on the walls, the materials in the rugs and the mattresses. It is almost impossible to create a real natural home. According to many studies, indoor pollutions are higher than outdoors. Most of our furnitures are treated with formaldehyde that can emit fumes for as long as five years; so the whole wood or glass furniture is much better. Polyurethane foam in the furnitures can cause bronchitis and sever health problems. Polyurethane resin is seamless and water resistant and it has been widely used in the floors and modern interiors. Synthetics fabrics are made with chemicals and should be avoided; natural cottons are better materials. Organic cotton mattress with a natural latex core is much better than those mattresses that are made from plastic foam products and polyesters. Toxic gases from synthetic carpets have been the substantial cause of many indoor pollutions, because those carpets are made from petroleum derived plastic fibers that can cause chronic bronchitis, ulcers, skin diseases and liver dysfunction.

It is almost impossible to build a really natural home, but it is possible to reduce chemicals at home and enjoy a natural and healthy home. as Erasmus said: "Prevention is better than cure."

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