Friday, 16 October 2009

Natural body clock

It is the best for each of us to know our
natural body clock and try to adjust
ourselves to it.
Some people are Morning, Afternoon or
Night type; it means that at that particular
time of the day they have the fullest energy.
Some people are like larks, rising early and
full of energy in the morning;
the Afternoon people, by lunch time onward
get and feel better and finally Night people
who are called ,Night Owls, can work at
night and are happy to sleep very late at
So the best thing is to know our type
and use it to our advantage.
We always should follow the natural things,
it is the best for our body, mind & soul.


  1. I used to be Night type. Suddenly and perhaps inexplicably, however, a certain woman adjusted my body clock and now I am also Morning type and Afternoon type. At the same time, I feel that this is the best for my body, mind and soul. Has science (or maybe the spring crocuses in Hyde Park) an explanation for this rather rare phaenomenon?

  2. Good grief! I was just about to write the exact same thing as the last commentator!!! I used to be a morning person,! I was always at my best in the morning, untill I met someone who ended up changing me into a night person...and then, I became a night person for a long time...until someone else changed my clock yet again...and so now, I'm sort of an afternoon person! Good thing our body addpts to our "surroundings" hum?

  3. Dear Poet,

    That is interesting that you are a three-type person at the same time!!! It means that you have the same amount of energy and efficiency at each time of the day and night and you have no preference for a specific time during a 24 hours!... interesting ... thanks for your comment and good luck!


  4. Certainly Nice! But, sometimes, our body changes for no (apparent) reason.

    Then, to return to normaly is not always easy... I speak from my experience!