Friday, 9 October 2009


We have different type of smiles and also different
interpretations of smile! In an unhealthy society,
sometimes even the purest and most innocent
smile maybe interpreted as a dirty signal!
Healthy body, mind and soul generate
natural smile and it is not difficult to distinguish
between natural and false smile!
Even small things such as a fresh breeze,
a happy memory, a funny moment and
etc can generate smile and unfortunately
sometimes it may be misinterpreted and
as a result it causes a pressure on the person
who has to some degree adapt to not logically
made rules to be more careful and inhibit a
very pure and natural thing!

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  1. Desculpa a pergunta nice...mas há alguma razão pela qual me tens impedido de seguir o teu blogue? sempre que o tento seguir, não consigo...e agora obtenho a informação de que fui impedida de o fazer...porquê? Gosto imenso do teu blogue, que visito frequentemente...e vejo constantemente novos seguidores...enfim...