Monday, 5 October 2009

world without weapons

The above image is my favourite painting
by talented artist, Pablo Picasso,
it is called: The World Without Weapons.
Is it possible for us to be able to enjoy a world full of love,
peace, harmony and understanding;
is it possible a world that people respect each other
and no one wants or can to violate
another person's right, freedom and life?!
Is it possible to have the world without weapons?!
As long as there is greed, and
there are people who sacrifice truth for their interest
(sometimes you wonder how some people act
cowardly just to keep their small interest and
unfortunately our world has lots of them
in the various degrees)
as long as the world is full of the people
who has no principle in their life...
the world without weapons just remains


  1. Hi Nice,


    Yes, but there is one last hope that goes by the name of CHILDREN! Yes, today's CHILDREN and MEN's of tomorrow. If you teach noble values such as peace, generosity and respect for nature and for others (human and animal), perhaps.. in the FUTURE the SWEET DREAM become a reality.

    These are the FUTURE NOW and NOW the last hope for a better FUTURE!


  2. Hi Carlos,

    You are right about children and teaching noble values to children; I completely agree with you and also I do believe that children are our hope. In fact whenever I am close to loosing hope, an innocent look of a child or a sweet smile of a child have saved me and have made my life hopeful and colourful again.
    BUT an important question is in the place too! Who is going to teach the children??? A lost and ignorant adult? Is he or she can raise a healthy and noble child and teach them values and principles?? I doubt! But sometimes miracle happens!


  3. Take a look at:

    This, is my answer to your question!