Friday, 26 March 2010

21st Century Genius

Dr Grigory Yakovlevich Perelman who had solved a 100 year
old mathematical problem did not accept $ 1 million prize.


There are lots of different reactions to this case; but we should
look the matter from his point of view in order to be able to
understand the reason. In 1999, the Clay Mathematics Institute
announced a $1 million prize for anyone who can solve this
problem that has been unsolved since 1904 in mathematics.

In 2002, Dr Perelman announced his solution; in 2003 he
went to the US and gave a series of talks on his solution.
It stirred much jealousy among mathematicians who wished
for a long time to find a solution for this problem;
especially Shing-Tung Yau, a Chinese mathematician
who lives in the US.
Tung Yau did whatever he could to postpone the
verification of the solution. Finally, in 2006,
Dr Perelman's solution was recognised and in
March 2010 he was awarded $ 1 million!

It was too late, Dr Perelman withdrew from mathematics
and now lives in Saint Petersbourg where he was born
with his mother. He has said that he is not in search of
money or fame and he does not like to be displayed
like an animal in the zoo. And in his rare interview
with The New Yorker he said:

"It is not people who break ethical standards who are
regarded as aliens, it is people like me who are isolated.
...even those mathematicians who are more or less honest
are conformists and tolerate those who are dishonest..I cannot
stay a pet and say nothing. That is why I had to quit."

Dr Perelman, a true genius with admirable principles,
behind the closed door of his apartment answered the
media query over the reason of his refusal to accept the
prize: "I have all I want".


  1. I don't believe that I can do as he does, but I admire him!

  2. real genius. money doesn t solve all the problems.

  3. Wish him all the best. Seems he was hurt by how he was treated. Too bad. Should have taken the money and donated it to his favorite charity.