Monday, 22 March 2010

Work of art

Harsh reality about some works of art: the artist died in
misery while suffering from economic hardship...several
years later in 1960 his painting was sold for $55,000...and
then the same painting was resold in 2009 and this time for
the amount of $142 million. There are many cases like this.
Of course these prices are manipulated prices rather than
real prices. But does it make any change to what happened
to the artist?


  1. This is our world! It is not enough to be a great artist. You should be a great economist.

  2. Qué injusticia para el artista!
    Este mundo capitalista a ultranza no tiene medida.
    La obra en poco años, se transformó y subió a un precio tan elevado?
    Qué sentiría el autor al ver todo este gran negocio de los "marchand".
    Un beso

  3. yes it's a great injustice for the artist, but the people nowadays don't care with all these things unfortnly :)