Friday, 4 September 2009

It is ok to be who I am!

If we can believe that it is OK to be who we are, we will have much better society. When we know ourselves and understand that we are the products of our genes and environment.Also we have the ability to change for better. The first step is to know ourselves and be honest to ourselves and avoid pretension at any cost.
Honesty makes us happy: one has to be honest with himself first and then be honest with other people. Honesty makes us harmonious too; sometimes we observe some people that say something, but the words are not in harmony with the look in the eyes or the body language and you can immediately recognize that that person is not telling the truth.
Dishonesty ruins the self first and then it is spread to the society and damage the society. So the best thing to tell ourselves is "It is OK to be who I am and I do try to be better."

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