Friday, 18 September 2009

A story of love

The above pictures show the famous philosopher,
Andre Gorz and his wife after wedding and
after 58 years that they lived together.
Andre Gorz starts the most fascinating
and moving 75-page love letter to his
dying wife who suffered a fatal disease
with the following words:
"You are 82 years old.
You've shrunk six centimetres,
you only weigh 45 kilos yet
you're still
beautiful,graceful and desirable.
It is now 58 years that we have
lived together and I love you
more than ever."
How fascinating is such a warm
bond between a man and a woman;
it is true love and how beautiful and
sincere Andre wrote to his wife that
turned his love letter to the bestseller.
Andre Gorz was an honest writer and
philosopher both in words and actions.


  1. True love IS out there Nice! Hope you find it my dear...


  2. One day, you find it! I hope...

    Kiss my dear,