Friday, 25 September 2009

Such a feeling!

Such a feeling!
This morning I was jogging
when I reached the Rose Garden
in the park in London,
something there:
the fresh breeze,
the amazing scent of flowers,
the beauty of smiling roses,
the fascinating atmosphere,
each and all deeply affect me
that I felt the best feeling,
my soul was drunk for seconds!


  1. É assim nosso encontro com a natureza é tudo beleza!
    Lindo passeio ...

  2. Hi Nice,

    This is nature's way of reward us with their beauty, their smell, their sensitivity... and the mixture of all these feelings, we were drunk with such charm! So be it, but not just for a second, but for many seconds...

    I liked your "Such a feeling!"


  3. For only a few seconds? Tomorrow take a deeper breath, take it all in, and let yourself go into a drunken coma!!!! Be sure not to let your soul drive though... :)