Friday, 6 November 2009

Books and Internet

It is obvious that the more time we spend
in using the Internet, the less time we have
for reading the books. Internet has made a
huge impact on the daily lives of the people
around the world and there is an ongoing
debate on the use of Internet. I think, like
other things in life, if it is used in correct
way and moderately, it is a great thing;
it has made the communication among
people of different nationalities and races
possible in the fastest way. But also we
should always remember the value of the
books and cherish them, because nothing
can replace reading a worthy book.


  1. Dear Nice ,i agree with you..As important is internet.i think that so important is one good book which can travel you to another places,to other worlds.One good book i love and i prefer is "11 minutes"by Paulo Coellho ,the "love"of leonard Buskalia,and of course "the Alchimist"of Paulo Coelho too..But i like and the book of Rosamund Pilcher,"The shell seekers"..
    Anyway,good books is door to fantasy..
    Have a nice Weekend..

  2. Nice, gracias por visitar LA CALA... ¡¡ me encantaría leerte, por favor inserta el traductor de google !!

    Besos, desde el confín austral.

  3. Hello Nice. Very beautifull your blog.
    Do you write spanish?
    I do not remember the english idiom.
    I studied english when I was little
    Your blog have very beautiful things.
    Audrey was my favorite actress as a teenager.
    Like posting this picture of Crist,
    I think you speak Spanish.
    Thanks for being in my blog.

  4. Olá Nice

    É a primeira vez que eu acho que a visita e felicito-o pelo seu excelente blog. No que diz respeito à Internet, eu concordo com você é uma ferramenta poderosa e se usada bem é simplesmente fantástica para as oportunidades e os locais amigáveis e interessantes ao redor do mundo e só por isso valeria a pena.
    Comprimentos e felicidade