Friday, 27 November 2009

Think about it

I do not write anything about the above image;
I leave it to the visitors think about it. One thing
is for sure: it will be different interpretations
that is the interesting aspect of it.


  1. I did not want to be in place that has the sheet in the head...

    Have a nice weekend,

  2. "If ya do wut I did, da boid wont come back."

  3. doubt about it...
    I like the disbelief in the one on the left's eyes and the evil look in the one on the right's eyes...very suggestive!

  4. Everyone must conform to the established order of things. A green leaf, anything extraordinary which suddenly appears will have to be destroyed.

    This cartoon portrays the ruthlessness of an apparently democratic but essentially repressive society.

  5. "If you wait as long as I did, you will need an instrument like this to cut the"

    Best wishes

  6. Hi! I saw you name as a visitor in my blog, so, I came here to visit you and I liked a lot your space.

    By the way, the first person to comment said that woudn´t like to be in the man on the left`s place, and I do agree eith him. But...O he oyher hand, to be in the man on the wright´s place woludn´t be easy...

    "See" ya!


  7. ¡Hay que miedo me da!
    No quisiera ser quien tiene la ramita en la cabeza porque el serrucho es amenazante.
    Será que no podemos tener pensamientos que produzcan cosas bellas y positivas? Será que siempre ante pensamientos que construyen habrá gente que trate de destruirlos?
    un cariño