Friday, 13 November 2009

Colour and Personality

Colours have profound effect on our moods,
emotions and behaviour. We all have
preferences for one colour or another.
Choice of colours tells a lot about us.
It is very important to have our favourite
colours around us. In Four Elements,
Fire is associated with red,
Earth with green,
Water with blue,
and Air with yellow.
During the ancient times and also today
in relaxation and meditation the colours
play an important role. If you know the
favourite colour of some one, you are
one step closer to know him or her.


  1. Lovely, informative post. Indeed, colours play an important role in our life.

  2. Violet... so there, you're a step closer...

  3. Muito seu bom seu blog. Obrigada por me seguir, estou acompanhando você também. abraço

  4. Pero que belleza de paisaje ...
    Gracias por compartir.

    Un fuerte abrazo desde mi pais mágico.

  5. Bellisima imagen!!
    La asociación de los colores y de los cuatro elementos es perfecta.
    con afecto

  6. Cuánta vida tiene esa fotografía. Es hermosa!!
    Me encantó la asociación que hiciste entre los cuatro elementos de la vida y los colores.
    El fuego-rojo
    La tierra-verde
    El agua-azul
    El aire-amarillo

    Coincido plenamente

  7. Thank you, for your visit on my page.
    The colors are very important and have profound effect in our lives,
    See you soon

  8. As an artist I profoundly agree that colors have a strong impact on how we experience our world ~ changing the wall color can change your path of life!

    In feng shui, the color theory differs a bit. The premise here is that introducing these colors, will offer the corresponding elemental energy ~ which can support (or not!) what you are doing when in their presence ~

    ~ Fire is represented by all reds to bright sunshiny oranges and yellows

    ~ Wood is associated with all of the wonderful shades of green (think of nature's growing trees)

    ~ Water is blue to black (the depth of the ocean!)

    ~ Earth is offered by colors of brown to pumpkins to ochre (all 'earthy' tones)

    ~ Metal is seen with colors of silver and gold.

    I have written blogs regarding some of these elements and colors. Perhaps they could add to your vision of color!

    Thank you for the great discussion,

    ~ MCJ ~