Tuesday, 10 November 2009


The above picture reminds me of what
Pablo Picasso told about children; he
said that every child is an artist. The
problem is how to remain an artist
once we grow up.


  1. I am sorry but...

    The children are NOT all artists. The children are NOT all scientists, writers, sportives neither. This left-wing utopia of Equality is against Nature.

    Hypocrite Picasso, he was the first to state himself as a genious child drawing "like Raphael", to clearly make the differences between himself and the others.

  2. Pranam!

    I don't know much about Picasso. But what he told (if he told so) seems right once if it’s taken from the plane of subjectivity!

    Child is an artist-true-the genuine artist-

    One who practices the 'art' is known as artist.

    The process of 'realizing' the 'ideal' is called 'art'.

    From that deepest plane of subjective wisdom point of view, child is the true artist!

    That is why the baby 'looses' the 'art' once he grows up!

  3. Nice qué bella foto, es una lección de vida.
    De los niños deberíamos aprender todos los días.
    No solo son artistas innatos, científicos y humoristas entre otras cosas, son la expresión más pura y verdadera de la vida.
    Gracias por estar en mi blog.
    un acriño para ti

  4. Es verdad lo que dice P.Picasso. Cada niño es un artista, luego la vida va quitando la magia y se convierten en adultos. Lástima, pocos siguen siendo esos artistas puros que eran de niños.

  5. coincido con lo que dijo P.Picasso. Los niños son inatamente artistas, lástima que a veces la vida les quita esa magia y se convierten en adultos.

  6. In their world, they are undoubtedly true artists!

    I think the real question that Pablo Picasso puts it, is really our inability to remain a child to let loose our creativity so naive as children and at the same time remain adults in the work we do!

    On World Children's Day (20), I will put a post on my blog, who I discuss how to interact with children, being a child and adult at the same time.


  7. What an adorable picture! Humans are the only creatures on the earth who do art. I think it adds to our lives, even if our creations aren't brilliant.

  8. Cute blog and thanks for the follow...Im now following your blog..;)

  9. Great picture. And of course the little ones anticipate ..., no: they mirror the grown-up-ideology of left and right wings, of equality and competition.

    Oh, it was the adult, who took the photograph and choosed it? Well, who cares. Keep cool. And tolerant.

    Best wishes