Thursday, 6 August 2009

colourful minds

How close to the nature are we?!
the air pollution, climate change and modern life have created a big gap between us and the nature...especially the air pollution in big cities has deprived us of breathing fresh air that is basic and the most essential necessity of life...after all what life is about? study, work, routines...or is something loftier? I like this extract from"Notes from the memoirs of a man of ideas": "...a place where the scent of lilac and bird cherry permeates the air, where lilies of the valley and butterfly orchids compete to caress your eyes with their delicate whiteness and gleaming diamond coloured dewdrops...that's where you'll understand what life is all about..."The modern life has dulled our senses and the remedy is at least once a month to leave everything and take a train and go to a place in the wide open space, beneath the blue vault of heaven and amidst the green woods and forget about helps you to regain the strength of your senses.

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