Wednesday, 19 August 2009


World of politics and politicians is full of deception, hypocrisy, lies, hatred, manipulation, murder and there is no place for honest,committed persons with high values and whenever an honest person involves in politics, he will be removed....there is no people in politics and it is only idea; there are no feelings, only interest. In politics, everything is permitted and justified under the excuse of removing obstacles. An example is coup d'etat against democratically elected government of Iranian prime minster Dr Mohammad Mossadeq on 19 August 1953. God bless his soul, he was such a lofty and honest person that even his enemies respect him. He was not a puppet and he was a free man with idea and alas his involvement in politics brought him much suffering...Iraj Mirza, famous Iranian poet(1874-1926) wrote a letter of advice to his friend, Aref Ghazvini, an honest poet whose involvement in politics resulted in his death and told him that avoid politics because politics is for hypocrites and charlatans, do not involve in it; the politicians in different opposing parties apparently fighting, but in fact they know each other and save each other when it is necessary and they just think of power and interest; but honest people like you (Aref) who are friendless will be trapped in politics and loose their lives; and also Iraj advise him not to be naive and forget about saving people and he describes the majority of people as sheeps and cows that are manipulated and are directed accordingly and have no real quest for freedom. How Iraj Mirza was right...! Politics is for politicians and there is no room for honests...even writing about politics makes me sick! but today I just remembered the suffering of Dr Mossadeq; how such a talent was wasted for the people who did not deserve him! At the top of the page there are two pictures of Dr Mossadeq, one on cover of Time and the other one in court at his trial that causes pain on any human being who knows about his suffering and has a heart. God bless his soul.

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