Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Men and Women

There is an old proverb that says a really nice girl is more valuable than seven nice boys; that is completely true and I should add that also a really evil girl is worse than seven evil boys! Women because of their emotions have this capacity that when they are nice, they become very good and when they are evil, they become very bad but men usually are not in these two extremes an interesting French film a band of the experienced gangsters that consist of four men ,by chance, recruit an inexperienced woman and train her for the the end of the film after they have nearly finished a big and difficult robbery that resulted in death and also severe injury of two of them, the situation is so difficult that even the heartless person at head of the band is in tears while looking at their friends, but the woman is so fascinated and occupied by counting the stolen money that she dose not notice anything else...even when they are back at their house and there are only two of them: the eldest in the band that is a person who saved life of the woman when she was trapped in a room in process of the robbery (she was playing the role of a prostitute) by endangering his own life and the second person present at the house is the woman...what does she do? Shockingly she kills that man who saved her life one hour ago!! while he is eating food! and runs away with all the money!!
I am a woman and I am much more terrified by an evil woman than an evil man!! The evil woman has terrifying eyes and her stare is sickening that must be avoided!And on the other hand, the really good woman has heart of gold and pleasant eyes and is unbelievably nice that no man can reach her in loftiness and nobility.

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