Monday, 24 August 2009

power abuse and self deception in small scale

Human complexities are really surprising, especially when you look into it in the small scale. A very simple example is what recently happened in the language class that I attend. We have a teacher who is very average person, average in everything: intelligence,look...but his recent behaviour was the class test, he arranged an exam much more difficult than our level and everybody was terrified in the exam session and I looked at him , he was watching this with complet satisfaction...even the tape for listening test had the poorest quality and I was the only one who objected and he responded that he was aware of the poor quality of the tape! The result was obvious: everyone failed. I went to the office and looked at all papers, one by one, all failed the exam and what he had done, surprisingly he saved students by creating an imaginary mark for speaking and therefore he increased the final mark after leading students through the hell! Now each one of student are grateful to him that he saved them! and they are going to stick to him as a teacher and register in his class and be grateful to him! and the worst part: the students are congratulating themselves and others in e-mail network for this false victory! He abused his small power as a teacher and his students were joyful and deceived themselves and no one asked what was the purpose of this ridiculous exam and even more ridiculous result! because at the end everybody was happy: the teacher in his abuse of power and the students by self deception.

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