Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Painting and the soul

I wrote some pieces two years ago and I was just reading them and I found out I still like them so I transferred them on this blog. Why not?!

Two years ago I visited an art gallery and for the first time I saw the paintings by "Patrick Caulfield"...oh my was so natural, genuine, heart-warming, profound and witty and it was expressed in the most simple way. It is very easy to copy his works, even the least talented painter can do it easily, but the original idea that came to Patrick's mind was amazing. I have not seen such a wonderful works of art for a long time. Each of his work is not just a painting; it is more...I think it is a piece of poem. Once Patrick said that nothing was stranger than life itself! This theme is echoed in nearly all of his works...His works had deep effect on my I feel more human! Isn't it all that art is about?!!!

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