Monday, 10 August 2009

Experience of playing on the chessboard

Do you want to know a person, play chess with him or her!
You can find out about a person's characteristics just from playing chess with him/her. This is my personal experience...I play chess online as a guest and for a guest there is no option for chatting or sending messages...these services are only for the members who pay membership fees that I never do , because I have much more important things to pay for such as healthy eating! I play the chess with a person whom I have no information about, except the flag of the country that s/he lives in and a five-digit number of the guest!!!But it is not difficult to know what sort of persons they are in their real life...for example, the majority of them immediately resign when they loose an important piece such as queen and sometimes even loosing a castle makes them to resign quickly and not continue the game! I do not have patience for long game and usually I choose 3minutes game...these people do not continue even for 2 or 3 minutes and they avoid challenges and in some case if they choose to continue, there is the possibility of winning, but they do not!
In the rare occasion I encounter with the persons who behave in a very understanding manner such as providing the option of correcting the move or etc for the other player...and it is exactly like the real life that encountering understanding people is not a frequent experience. How lucky are those who have already found such people and definitely it is a blessing for them that they must cherish it and not loose it at any cost!

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