Monday, 3 August 2009

I like nice life

How many percent of peolpe think about the life they are living?! Most of us just live and follow the routines and habits without thinking what we are doing! Years pass and we are busy with following the routines...some people have never lived and they die without being many percent of people have lived beautiful, true and honest life: being honest to themselves and to others?!?! Years ago I had a teacher who taught literature and she used to say to us that "deception is a part of life and somehow inseparable of life" and now I think that she was somehow right and also I do think that we must minimize the "deception part" as much as we can; and the more successful we are in this task we will live more true, honest and beautiful life. Unfortunately living honestly is a isolating factor. When you want to live nice and be honest and get use to this type of healthy life by following healthy style of life: eating healthy food, exercising, thinking clean, respecting yourself and other people's rights, enjoying pure life, being close to nature as much as possible and ...all these in the society that people used to living the other ways are somehow isolating factors...I must confess that now I think it is not just society but some of them is innate that you have when you are born...being able to live nice is a blessing , it is very difficult when there are so many obstacles from financials to spirituals ...but for living a nice life we should want it first and be sensitive to untrue aspects and be appalled by them...I do love nice life!

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  1. so true.. living honestly is physically isolating, but so rewarding internally, spiritually compared to the alternative.