Friday, 7 August 2009

Job and our character

Oh job,job,job...!!!

Are we what our job is or not? Some people are working in the area that is contrary to their true nature, but they have to go on because they need to earn the money for living and apparently they have no other choice. How many percent of people are quite satisfied with their job? How many percent of people hate their job?...It is difficult to what extent the type of job influences the characteristic of a person?
Chekhov's attitude to this matter is interesting to read he says that people who have an official and professional relation to other people's suffering- for example: judges, lawyers, police officers, politicians, doctors- in course of time, through habit grow so callous that they cannot, even if they want it, take any but an indifferent and formal attitude to their clients,in this respect, they are not different from the peasant who slaughters sheep and calves in the back-yard and does not notice the blood.
What about writers and filmmakers, especially those who portray the murder scene in the smallest details...I remember once I read the comments of a crime writer's wife that she described her husband looks like a murderer with blood on his hands whenever he finishes a crime novel...Any action and experience affect our soul and we will not be the same person anymore...that is why that only very young children look like angels because their souls are still PURE.

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  1. Certainly you have a point where one who is exposed to constant situations that gradually require a hardening of the heart, that their own heart will be affected. Im not sure that every one who has a career in human relationships becaome incapable of emotional feelings.
    I know a paramedic who sees some pretty horrible things but he is still very sensative to his own daughter's crying. I think if you are connected to your heart. that no matter what you do, you will maintain a certain level of humanity.